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You've got deep dreams, bold prayers, and limitless goals. And now it's time to call them into your reality.

You have spent years honing your skillset.

Your talent has amazed others and earns you the right to be at the table.

You leveraged every opportunity to level up your career and get to the top.

You sought mentors who challenged you to be your best.

You have had a stellar career and are ready to extend your legacy and give back.

Transform Your Client's experience

Grow Your Business & Change Lives

"Bring out the experiences that lie dormant within you to help build others." - Dr. Yvette H.

"Closed my first million-dollar contract." - Marla M.

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women.”

–Maya Angelou

There is nothing Ordinary about you...

Can we talk, girlfriend? Like for real?

The truth is... you've been feeling an urge for something more for a while. The desire to make an enormous impact in the world.

The truth've had a bunch of different business ideas and been working your side gig like an undercover boss.

The truth've told yourself "There's got to be a better way" and you're tired of the hustle & grind mentality.

The truth is... you've worked hard for others, and you deserve the freedom to make your dream a reality.

The truth is... you are ready to multiply your legacy on a bigger stage for generations to come.


You Are Built For Business

There are many in Corporate America feeling boxed in and stuck with the 'incentives.'

They want a success blueprint that helps them become the best version of themselves, get unstuck and grow a business they love.

There are those who have had a stellar career success and in position to create their legacy for the next generation.

As you look to the next phase of life, have you asked yourself 'what's next for me?'

Your time is NOW!

It's time... to step into your bigger future.

It's time... to discover the miracle you are made of.

It's time... to create your own empire with your touch of excellence.

You're grateful for the life you have, but you know you were meant for more.

And I'm here to help!

Desireé foster-collins

Business Strategist | Creative Tech Whisperer | Human Behavior Consultant | Community Builder

Business Strategist, technologist (a.k.a. The Creative Tech Whisperer), certified leadership & human behavior consultant.

Are you in a defining moment of change in your life? Your vision feels so close yet so far away?

You felt the call to move from Executive to Entrepreneur and taken some steps to get your business started. Yet you feel overwhelmed trying to put all the pieces together?

Whatever you think you're missing, lean in.

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'Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.'

-Harriet Tubman

One-on-One Coaching

With my signature Find Your Stride™ Program, you will work with me privately for four months to design your dream life & business.

This is for you if you desire personal attention and deep, intimate connection, as this program is adapted to each client’s specific goals and aspirations.

Group Program

Our live Life Aligned Business™ Coaching Program is a proprietary system that will give you the tools, knowledge, systems, and strategies you need to bring your brand and business goals to life!

This is for you if you thrive within a supportive community and are ready to make massive positive changes in your life and business!

VIP for a day™ Program


Need custom designs for your brand, like yesterday? My VIP For A Day™ Program is your Design Day. We’ll check off your tasks one-by-one, and we’ll do it all before dinner.

Every project is different, but here are some examples of the type of design projects we can do in a day:

Lead Magnet Design

Website Refresh

Sales Page Design

...and more

Inspiring Your Revolution

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