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deborah mcallister

hansei coaching.

She saved me hours upon hours of frustration

"To say that Desiree is an amazing coach does not do her justice. She is brilliant. She demonstrated patience while providing educational value for me to absorb without feeling hurried or time pressured. She saved me hours upon hours of frustration with technical and insightful feedback on my project. She is a source of light with her mixture of intelligence, experience, and kindness. I am blessed to have her in my corner."

anita polite-wilson, ph.d

dr. anita

Always patient and encouraging

"Desiree and her team are not only talented, but they also helped bring out the creativity in me. Honestly, I didn't know how to express to Desiree what I saw in my head, but somehow she brought it to life. She was always patient, encouraging, and took the time to hear me and brainstorm with me without making me feel like I was a burden.

There is a lot of back and forth during the creative process, and she totally gets that. Desiree, a million thanks for bringing MY personality to my website! (And she does amazing things with a home video clip, believe me!)"

meika nwomah

Da Vinci Schools

Inspired to do more in my life.

"I had the pleasure of attending two of Desiree's conference and left moved and inspired to do more in my life. From growing relationships with other women as well as equipping myself with leadership skills needed as an Educator. I learned a lot as well when I got the opportunity to be coached by her. Desiree is a influential leader!"

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