about dezi

here's lil bit about me...

Executive Director & DISC Behavioral Consultant

I believe that “Excellence is commitment to completion. Success is achieved in inches, not miles. Own your excellence. You are by design.”

I coach, speak and train leaders with a focus on values-based people-focused servant leadership through the Maxwell Method of Leadership, Speaking, Coaching and Sales.

I was sick of it!

I guess you're here because you want to know a little more about me, huh? Well... first things first. My friends call me "Dezi."

I am a mom of 2 amazing kids (that are 14 years apart). I love all things creative, inspirational and motivational. 

I love travel and really great food especially stew chicken, rice and beans, fried plantain (its my Belizean roots), ginger beer and cheesecake.

I have an insane passion for personal development, leadership and business ownership/development for women. 

As a multi-passionate visionary, I was STUCK and I was sick of it!

There are alot of women out in corporate America feeling boxed in and stuck with the 'golden handcuffs.' Women I know who wanted a success blueprint that would help them become the best version of themselves and get unstuck.

If I was feeling this way, there were others too. But how would I do it?

I had a dream, a limited budget. a passion and dealing with imposter syndrome.

I knew I had the ability to make things happen, but didn't realize that success meant growth from the inside out.

I valued the freedom and faith that I saw in women I looked up to and wanted to be like...


I had to break out of the box of a poor belief system and habits that kept me from being and becoming free.

...I discovered my potential. I discovered my unique strengths and ability and now I design my business and success by my values and what's important to me and my family. I found the solution and now... I am on a mission to help others just like you!

I help people build profitable businesses by giving them the tech & strategy they need to stand out online. I work with Women-owned Small Businesses, Mid-sized organizations and individual high performers.

If you want help in identifying purpose, setting and achieving goals, business & tech strategy and development, communication training, want to improve team performance, are ready to rise to a higher level of leadership I am here to serve you.

Through a four core building block approach of building the business owner, the business, belief and their bank account, I help you to cut through the noise.

Our Mission: Growing businesses. Changing lives.

what we do

Help you cut through the noise with our core building block approach of building YOU the business owner, your business, your belief and your bank account.

build the belief

The Stride Coaching Program is designed to equip and enhance you to reach personal and professional goals. We match your pace. guide you with grace & maximize growth.

build the business

Your business needs clearly outlined and strategically designed roadmap. We design & develop people, process and technology solutions that work for you.

build the basics

Our Online Tools Coaching takes the overwhelm out of learning the tech. Do the work you love without the stress you don't.

video proof

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Get started with my Tech Tools Comparison Guide to help decide which tools are best for you!



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